Straffe Hendrik Tripel

15L / 20L / 30L
33cl / 75cl
17 EBC
35 EBU

Our Tripel is one of the Tripels with the most character in our rich Belgian market of beers. The beer is strong and full-bodied. The tripel has an alcohol percentage of 9% and the refermentation in the bottle generates a long natural shelf life.


Caramel taste flows into bitterness, with the aftertaste comes a subtle hint of banana in combination with citrus fruits.


Clear amber blond.


Spicy with hints of black pepper, ginger and a tinge of orange.


The Straffe Hendrik Tripel is easy to combine with many dishes. A spicy fish dish, a large range of cheeses or an airy dessert, it’s a fine match. In comparison to a darker beer, it will not make it any heavier and will add an enjoyable fruitiness. 

Straffe Hendrik Tripel fles
Straffe Hendrik Tripel glas